Wormhole studio is a place where it all happens. It's a place where serious loss of time and space happen when new beats are cooked up. Hence Wormhole Studio.

Gear used

  • Akai Professional MPC60 Integrated MIDI Sequencer and Drum Sampler
  • Akai Professional MPK225 MIDI Controller
  • Akai Professional S950 MIDI Digital 12-bit Mono Sampler
  • Akai Professional S1000 MIDI Digital 16-bit Stereo Sampler
  • Akai Professional ME25S MIDI Programmable Note Separator
  • Akai Professional ME30P MIDI Programmable Patch Bay
  • Akai Professional ME35T Audio/MIDI Trigger
  • Synthax Syndrive SCSI combined CD-ROM drive + MO drive
  • Mackie LM-3204 Stereo Line Mixer
  • Motu 828MKII Firewire Souncard
  • Zoom Studio 1204 Effects Unit
  • Zoom Studio 1201 Effects Unit
  • Alesis Midiverb II Effects Unit
  • Mac mini (Late 2012)